Breaking the Boy Code

Louis’ Story

Episode Summary

(Trigger warning: suicide ideation) This is a story of friendship, belonging, violence and guilt. It’s a vulnerable unearthing of a young boy’s fears and joys, his deep shame of who he was in the past and a growing vision for who he will become. This is Louis’ story.

Episode Notes

I first met 11-year-old Louis because he was bullying another boy. Badly. To an extent that included going to the hospital and going to juvenile detention.

Over the span of 2021, Louis embarked on one of the bravest journeys I’ve seen a kid his age undertake. He built his empathy for the other boy, he faced his guilt for the hurt he had caused, he switched friend groups and committed to standing up for those who were vulnerable instead of targeting them.

So when he told me he wanted to be part of the podcast, I knew he had something to say.

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