Breaking the Boy Code

New School, New Friends

Episode Summary

Eleven-year-old Louis begins his story by describing what it was like to start at a new school, how he initially avoided connecting with any classmates but pretty quickly fell in with a group of friends who made him feel like things wouldn’t be so bad.

Episode Notes

Louis’ first day at the new school was a grey day in December. He had to get forced out of the car, he got lost in the big, old and crowded building; and he hated the too-cheery holiday decorations. After a couple of days, he started bringing a paperback with him and pretended to read it at lunch in order to avoid the awkwardness of the unfamiliar place and new group of peers.

But during gym class on day, a boy named Jackson sat down beside him. Jackson struck up a conversation with him, and before Louis knew it, he had been invited over to hang out with Jackson’s friends after school. 

Listen to Louis revisit his feelings from that time, reminisce about after-school skateboard sessions and prank calls, and ultimately lay out how much this group of friends really meant to him.


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