Breaking the Boy Code

I Can Show Them Every Side: Boys and Theatre

Episode Summary

Thirteen-year-old Evan talks about the sense of belonging he’s found in musical theatre. Joined by Jen Kuhl, a facilitator and musical theatre choreographer.

Episode Notes

Several months ago, Evan invited me to see his middle school musical. The night of the show, I rode my bike across town and found a seat next to his dad, who was watching for the second time. The audience filled up, and the lights went down.

It ended up being a remarkably good show, but one of the most memorable moments for me took place right away in the opening number. Evan was unmistakeable in the front row, eyes darkened with makeup and shining at the audience. His voice carried through the ensemble. His body committed entirely to the scene. He was captivating. 

That was the moment I wondered if he had a story to be told.

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You can read about the Dream Crazier ad campaign that Evan talked about on Nike News, and watch the video itself on Vimeo.


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